Are you thinking about moving and wonder what life is like in gorgeous Carlisle, Pennsylvania? In this episode of Homemade PA, I’m going to welcome you to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and show you what life here is really like. We’ll explore everything from history to housing prices so you can get a good idea of what to expect.

Historic Carlisle, PA

If you’re unfamiliar with where Carlisle, Pennsylvania is located, you’ll find it just southwest of Harrisburg in Cumberland County. It sits northeast of Shippensburg and west of Mechanicsburg, tucked in the valley between the North Mountain and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Carlisle has a rich history. It was first established by the Scots-Irish immigrants in 1751, with the town named after Carlisle in Cumberland County, England. As a matter of fact, most people don’t realize that Carlisle and Cumberland County played significant roles in the American Revolutionary War.

The Cumberland Valley area contributed supplies, food, weapons, and most importantly, soldiers to fight for independence. This is a reason why you’ll see a lot of buildings with plaques on them and statues when you come into the town, all related to the Revolutionary War. For example, the Carlisle Barracks is the second oldest army post in the United States and served as supply headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

Convenient And Affordable

Part of the charm and culture of our area is what people love most about it. We’re also conveniently located as well. Carlisle is just two hours from Philadelphia and Washington, DC, and just 3.5 hours from Pittsburgh. You can also get to Harrisburg International Airport in about 30 minutes. Additionally, since we are the trucking capital of the Northeast, we have a lot of interstates that make our commutes very manageable.

Aside from its convenient location, Carlisle is also very affordable. While prices are increasing all over the US, you get a lot for your money when it comes to food and shelter here in Carlisle. This affordability extends to real estate taxes, which are reasonable as much as they can be for taxes.

Food And Fun

When moving here, one of the main questions people ask us is, “What kind of things are there to do for fun in Carlisle?” Downtown Carlisle is really fun and full of history. It features plenty of restaurants, a distillery, and a couple of breweries, acting as the epicenter for the entire town.

Downtown Carlisle is where everything happens. It’s also where most of the restaurants are and where all of our events are held. We even close down the streets for people when they go out. And when it comes to food, we have no shortage. What are you in the mood for tonight? Whether you want to dine at a steakhouse, brewery, or dinner or feast on seafood, ice cream, Italian, sushi, or Greek food, we have it all.

To give you a better idea of how our downtown is tying itself to the Revolutionary War, one of our local breweries named itself after Molly Pitcher. She was a hero in the Revolutionary War, with the name ‘Molly Pitcher’ used as the nickname of a woman named Mary Hays McCauley. She was said to have carried water jugs to the American soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. When you’re in Downtown Carlisle, you will even see a statue of this famous woman.

Great Schools

Another big question we often get is about the schools. The schools here in Carlisle are really good and are something that draws people to our area. Our local, public, and private schools all have great ratings, so there simply isn’t a bad choice. If you have any questions about the school districts, feel free to reach out to me as I’ve been there and done that.

One thing that you may not realize is we have the United States Army War College right here at the Carlisle Barracks. These people typically come in for a year at a time, go through college, and become Colonel at the end. It’s very common to see people in uniform walking around downtown.

This brings a lot of diversity to our area and into our schools. When the war college students come in, they’re putting their children into our public and private schools. Our children get to interact with these kids and make lifelong friends with them. Because of social media, we’re now all able to keep in touch with these people that are now all around the world.

Housing Costs

The last thing I want to cover is some general pointers about the price of housing here in Carlisle. If you have more questions, you can always reach out to me for specifics. However, these are some general pointers of what you can buy for your money in the area.

The average four-bedroom home in the general Carlisle area is about $462,000. The average for a three-bedroom home in the greater Carlisle is about $250,000. The reason for the big price difference is that you can get an older home with three bedrooms, while a four-bedroom home generally tends to be a newer home or even new construction. That fact raises the price.

If you’re looking to rent, prices range anywhere from $900 to $1,800 a month, depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’re looking for.

Enjoy Carlisle, PA Living

I hope this helped give you a good idea of what it’s like to live right here in Carlisle, PA. If you’re thinking about relocating to Carlisle or are just thinking about moving in and around our town, we would love to speak to you. If you’d like more information about Carlisle, Pennsylvania or getting pre-approved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect.

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