Explore carlisle, pa living in old mooreland

Are you thinking of moving to the borough of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and want to know where to settle? In this episode of Homemade PA, I’m going to take you on a tour of Old Mooreland, a great town in Carlisle. We’ll explore everything from amenities to home prices so you can see if this area is right for you.

Welcome To Old Mooreland

Old Mooreland is a neighborhood inside the borough of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Kristi Knox, a real estate agent from Iron Valley Real Estate, took us on a tour of this desirable area so we could learn about everything it has to offer.

People refer to this neighborhood as the Mooreland area primarily because it’s all centrally located around Mooreland Elementary School. Within this neighborhood, there is also the Old Mooreland aspect of it. There, you’ll find homes that were built in the late 1940s.

If you ask the locals, Old Mooreland is the best part of town. You can walk to the local elementary school, dining, shopping, and the local park. We even have our own college and law school right here.

Unique Homes

The best part of Old Mooreland is all the nooks and crannies that you can find along with cool, different features of homes. Every home is very different from each other. For example, a development built where the former Crowell Hospital used to be is called Mooreland Mews. They have brand new homes available for purchase, priced between $500,000 to $600,000 and up.

The Mooreland area on the whole, however, has an average home sales price of $375,000. That’s one of the cool things about Mooreland: there are all types and styles of homes to choose from. Whether you want a house built in the 1940s or want something new, the options are there.

Another unique thing about the area is that we’re in an area of preserving homes, not tearing down. Kristi tells us that many people from out of the area will come in looking to buy a house and tear it down. However, this doesn’t happen quite often. The community is really into really preserving and restoring the beauty of the Mooreland area.

College And Cones

One of the great things about Old Mooreland is that it’s home to Penn State Dickinson Law School. Having the law school—along with Dickinson College—adds a certain flair to the community. It also brings in a lot of revenue to local businesses like restaurants and stores. Additionally, the college is great for sporting events, as you can easily walk over to a great lacrosse or basketball game.

Along with the college, Old Mooreland has plenty of great amenities. One of the best spots in Carlisle is Massey’s Frozen Custard, serving up cold treats since 1949. It’s within walking distance from Mooreland and offers a great social gathering spot for families and friends to meet.

The Carlisle YMCA

The Carlisle YMCA is a newly renovated state-of-the-art building that services all of the Carlisle area. They sponsor some cool events such as their Turkey Trot and summer camp, bringing the community together. They also have swim lessons, basketball for the kids, and a great daycare. It’s all located right here in town.

The YMCA is a hub for local residents to meet, bring their kids, hang out, and enjoy the activities offered. They’re just finishing up renovations now, making it a place you’ll definitely want to check out.

Thornwald Park

Mooreland’s version of Central Park is Thornwald Park, a green space featuring 32 acres of trails. Visitors can enjoy relaxing on the grass, exploring the Thornwald Mansion, or checking out the amphitheater. It’s the perfect spot for people to meet friends or just lay out on a blanket and suntan or read a book.

People visit Thornwald Park year-round. There’s also plenty of hidden geocaches here too, which are a lot of fun to search for. The park also offers an orienteering class that can be done individually or with a group of friends.

Enjoy Life In Old Mooreland, PA

I hope this gave you a good idea of everything that Old Mooreland has to offer. This neighborhood has a little something for everybody and is a great place to call home. If you want any more information on the Mooreland area or Carlisle in general, feel free to reach out to Kristi or me and we’d be happy to assist you.

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