Best eats in carlisle? Cafe bruges!

Did you know that Carlisle, Pennsylvania is home to an amazing restaurant that serves authentic Belgian food? In this episode of Homemade PA, I’m going to take you inside Café Bruges, our local Belgian eatery specializing in fresh, made-from-scratch dishes you won’t forget. We’ll talk with owner Ryan Twigg to learn about the delicious food and hearty beer that Café Bruges offers.

Belgian Fare At Café Bruges

Carlisle has a variety of unique restaurants, and Café Bruges is no exception. This local Belgian restaurant sources all of its food from local farms, creating each dish from scratch. Brian Twigg, one of the owners, explains that his eatery came about from working with his business partners at another restaurant. He knew it was time to create a restaurant of his own.

A Belgian restaurant is fitting for Central Pennsylvania, merging the German and French aspects of foods to create truly flavorful combinations. Café Bruges also offers a wide selection of strictly Belgian beers, with no domestic brews offered to stay true to its inspiration. Belgian dishes are also served, with Moules Frites on the menu as one of their most traditional options. This dish of steamed mussels with twice-fried frites, or french fries, is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Other popular dishes include Steak Frites and the traditional Beef Carbonnade Flamanade, a slow-cooked stew served with red potatoes. House-made sauces include authentic mayo, spicy tomato curry ketchup, horseradish, and dijon mustard. 

Farm-To-Table Dishes 

There are plenty of options to choose from at Café Bruges, with all meats and food sourced locally wherever possible. Brian explains that they strive to go local, working with farmer Daniel from Pecan Meadow Farms for much of their supply. Daniel sells at the local farmer’s market, providing Café Bruges with all of their burger beef.

The café also creates seasonal menus, in keeping with their farm-to-table offerings. The winter menu, for example, makes use of rabbit for some of its protein—which Daniel raises and provides. Each dish is freshly prepared with quality ingredients, and you won’t be disappointed with any option you order.

Frites And Framboise

One of the most popular staples of the menu are the frites, peeled on-site, blanched, and then double-fried in beef tallow. Once they’re golden brown, the potatoes are tossed in sea salt and delivered hot to your table in a paper-lined cone for you to enjoy.

Enhanced your meal by ordering Framboise, a traditional fruit beer made from various berries. Finish off with a sweet treat in the form of a sweet Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar or a dark chocolate cup filled with Belgian dark chocolate mousse. It will leave you wanting more, and you’ll definitely need to visit Café Bruges again to recapture the experience.

A Must-Visit Carlisle Restaurant

I hope this gave you an idea of all the authentic, fresh food that Café Bruges has to offer. Whether you’re traveling through Carlisle or are a local that wants to experience a taste of Belgium, be sure to pay Ryan and Café Bruges a visit.

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