Tour of Dillsburg, PA

Are you thinking of moving to South Central, Pennsylvania, and want to know where to settle? In this episode of Homemade PA, I’m going to take you on a tour of Dillsburg, PA; a great town located in the northern part of York County. We’ll explore everything from amenities to home prices so you can see if this area is right for you.

If you’ve ever heard of the pickle drop, or the town of the pickle, then you have heard of Dillsburg, PA! This week, we teamed up with local real estate agents Kristi Davidson and Nicole Yeingst of Keller Williams Keystone Realty. Kristi and Nicole both live and work in the area and know the town well. Nicole, was born and raised in Dillsburg, attended Northern York School District, which is where her children now go, and is very active in the local community. They took us on a tour of the town, showed us some great local spots, and told us about the rich history there.

History in DIllsburg

Dillsburg was named after Matthew Dill, an immigrant from Ireland who settled the town in 1740. He turned the area into a center for local agriculture which can still be felt in the community today. Another historical event that impacted Dillsburg was the civil war. Dillsburg was invaded not once but twice by confederate cavalry looking to collect horses and supplies for their campaign in Gettysburg. Many of the local farmers were impacted as confederate troops stole their livestock and crop yields

Local Spots Around Town

The first spot we visited was the town square. There wasn’t a lot going on at the time of our visit, but every year the square hosts Dillsburg’s farmer’s fair! This is where the local farmers come and display their yields. It is also home to a few local spots such as Square Bean Coffee Shop, 6th North, Sage Lane Cottage, Road Hogs BBQ, Pickle Nickel, and Maintenance Barber Shop.

Just a short walk from the square and we came to Quay Park.  The park is owned by the Dillsburg Women’s Club. It was gifted to them by Senator Matthew Stanley Quay in 1956 with the condition that it could never be sold. In1985 a beautiful Gazebo was constructed that seems to complete the park. Today, it is enjoyed by all in the community as a meeting place, peaceful retreat, or it can also be used as a wedding venue!

About a 5-minute walk from the park and you come to Dill’s Tavern. This historical site dates back to 1742. The property began as a 190-acre plantation and grew to 650 acres. The property is now a bit smaller but is considered the heart of Dillsburg. It hosts many local events such as the Speakeasy Experience, First Fridays, Octoberfest, Saturday Farmers Markets, and Celtic Fest. You can also rent the property as a wedding venue and for other events.

Neigborhoods and Housing Costs

About another 5-minute walk from the tavern and we come to Greenbriar Glen, one of the neighborhoods in Dillsburg. Nicole told us what the cost of housing is for this development as well as some of the other areas in Dillsburg. A 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath in this neighborhood will cost roughly $375-$400K however, some of the newer homes with more bedrooms are in the upper $400k range. Dillsburg is home to many neighborhoods, one town home development, and the area surrounding the town is very rural. Housing costs are diverse with older homes closer to the downtown running at entry level prices in the $200k range and larger homes in the surrounding area and neighborhoods as high as $800k. There are many options to choose from making it easy for a homebuyer to find what they are looking for.

A Great Town with lots to Offer

Dillsburg is a town with a rich history, a variety of local business and community events, diverse housing options, and is located between Harrisburg and Gettysburg. It’s a quaint, conveniently located community with a small-town feel making it a great place to raise a family, or perfect for those who commute to work.

If you have any questions about the Dillsburg community or wish to move to here, please reach out to the Rebecca Foote Mortgage Team and to Kristi and Nicole with Kelly Williams Keystone Realty. Thanks for checking out another episode of Homemade PA, and please make sure to subscribe to my channel!