Homes Under $200K in Carlisle, PA

Are you a first-time homebuyer who is looking to buy but are not sure what you can get for your money? Today, we are going to take a look at three communities in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with available homes starting at under $200,000! We are joined by local Real Estate Agent, Josh Perchinski, of the Dave Hooke Team at Keller Williams. He will be showing us each of the developments and telling us more about the homes and amenities each one has to offer.

Community 1: Courtyards of Carlisle

Our first stop is the Courtyards of Carlisle, a community with about 120 homes and lots of families! Throughout the development, the homes vary from smaller two-bedroom homes starting at $150,000 to larger units with three-bedrooms and a garage, starting at $190,000. It is a beautiful community, where the landscaping is well taken care of. A particular perk for residence is that all of their exterior maintenance is taken care of as the community does have a Condo Association. Residents pay a monthly fee of just $150 for all outdoor landscaping, including lawncare during the warmer months, and snow removal throughout the winter. Having these extra amenities makes it a great option for first-time homebuyers who are just starting out.

This development is also conveniently located, sitting in the north-west corner of Carlisle Proper. It is just six blocks from downtown Carlisle, giving you access to countless shops, restaurants, and other local businesses. Karnes Grocery Store, Rite Aid, and even a UPMC Outpatient Care facility are also located nearby, requiring about a five minute drive. Another nearby amenity is the Carlisle Public pool (which has a waterslide!), making this a great spot for families with young kids.

Community 2: Pheasant Run

Our next stop is the Pheasant Run community which is made up of townhouses. Each home has a unique exterior adding to the character of the neighborhood. Most of the houses have three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a basement; which is a unique feature for a townhouse. While all of these homes are ready to move into, some are a bit outdated. Currently, units like this are being sold for about $150,000 while the units that have those modern updates are being sold for about $185,000. Another unique feature of this community is that there is not an H.O.A. here, giving the owner more control over their property.

This development is located just North of Carlisle, and is a bit further away from downtown compared to the previous development. Downtown Carlisle becomes about a 10 minute drive however, Karnes Grocery Store, Rite Aid Pharmacy, and the UPMC Care facility (mentioned previously) are all within walking distance.

Community 3: Harmony Hall (A.K.A: Melron COurt)

Our last stop is Harmony Hall Court, which is known to the locals as Melron Court. This is another condo community featuring homes that have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The standard units are typically selling between $145,000 to $155,000 while units featuring vaulted ceilings that also have garages are selling for $190,000 to $200,000. As this is a condo community, there is a Condo Association with a fee of $125 per month for lawncare and snow removal.

This development is located East of Carlisle, just off of the Harrisburg Pike. This road features a variety of amenities but if you are unable to find what you need, there is an entrance to interstate I-81 close by. Unlike the previous two developments which were situated in the Carlisle School District, Harmony Hall is located in the Cumberland Valley School District.

Great for First-time Homebuyers

There are additional communities throughout Carlisle that are similar to the three we visited today. One of which (Keystone Arms) is located near the Carlisle Army base and many residents are military members and their families! Though there are a number of these types of communities in Carlisle, these three currently have the most availability so, make sure to reach out to Josh if you have questions!

The borough of Carlisle is fantastic and features a variety of homes both modern and historic for under $200,000. While interest rates have increased now is still a great time to buy! There are more homes on the market with less competition so buyers no longer need to write offers that are significantly above the asking price. They are also able to use government loans without necessarily being beat out by a conventional loan or a cash offer as we had been seeing previously.

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