Best Salon and Spa in Carlisle, Liz B. Collective

Did you know that Carlisle, Pennsylvania is home to an amazing local salon and spa? In this episode of Homemade PA, I’m going to take you inside Liz B. Collective, a local salon and spa with a variety of services that will leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful from head to toe! We’ll talk with owner Bethany Arnsparger to learn about the top-tier services and products that Liz B. Collective offers. So check out my video below!

Welcome to Liz. B Collective

Still in their infancy stage, Bethany opened Liz B. Collective in January 4th of 2022 so, they are coming up on that big one year anniversary. They created a space that is very inclusive, very serene, very welcoming, and both empowering to the staff and to the clients that come to visit us every day. Liz B. is located in a beautiful 4,500 square foot space that they completely renovated.

“I like to consider it a labor of love… or insanity I’m not sure which one,” says Bethany the founder and owner of Liz B. Collective. “It’s been an incredible journey and to think that we are going to continue to do great things for years to come is such a blessing and I am so grateful to the beautiful county of Cumberland and the beautiful town of Carlisle because they’ve been so great to us.”

Walking in the front doors, it is easy to tell that she has put her heart and soul into the space and her business. Bethany also adds, “Every service and experience has the same amount of effort and standard that we are no compromise on. So you are going to get the same level of experience and the same level of expertise wherever you are at in Liz B. Collective getting a service done.”

The Serene Spa

The first room we visited is where they do their signature couples massage. In this room, you can enjoy and experience any of their eight different body massages that they have to offer with your choice of companion. Making it a little more intimate and relaxing. Liz B.’s full spa and salon menu is online and offers a brief description of each service. You can even build on those services with luxurious add on treatments too!

The next room we got to see is their body treatment room. Here, you can experience a full body facial, which includes a moisturizing mud mask and your choice of sugar or salt exfoliation. Their golden hour service which has tanning properties, will leave you with a little bit of a glow and really nice hydrated skin. They added a shower, just in case there are any areas that need to be rinsed off. The steam mixed with fresh eucalyptus then just fills the room with amazing aromas.

“It’s a must have!” according to Bethany.

The last room we visited was the Aesthetic room. Here, you can experience all sorts of different skin care treatments for the face including 60 minute and 90 minute skin care treatments or some of Liz B.’s mini-med spa services too.

You can also try their LED light quantum machine! This is a combination light therapy for the skin which can prevent early signs of aging. It can also help minimize bacteria, if you’re having breakouts, and it also firms and brightens your skin to reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation. This service pairs beautifully with some of their microdermabrasion services that we have to offer and some of their nano-needling services too.

Liz B. A True Collective

During our visit, we got to sit down with team member Leah Ker who told us more about what makes Liz B. a true collective.

“We are really fortunate to work with the people that we do. Most of us have been together for many years and traveled to different places and been to different salons and worked different jobs together. It’s nice as you mature as a professional to understand that you really work well together and that it’s not necessarily the work that’s frustrating, maybe it’s sometimes other things. So, it’s nice to be able to put those aside with your team and have a common goal.”

Shopping small and women Owned

A wonderful feature and something that is very special to Bethany is their shop small wall! Her you will find products from locally female owned companies that that at Liz. B collective supports. Bethany loves that they can help sell their merchandise and empower other locally owned, women supported businesses.

“This holiday shop small!” says Bethany

The Relaxing Salon

The final spot we visited at Liz B. Collective was their hair and nail salon. In the nail room, you can experience a manicure, pedicure or both! They also have a huge wall with an array of regular traditional polishes and gel polishes for you to choose from. You’ll also want to check out their seasonal pedicure option for yourself or a holiday gift.

The nail room sits adjacent to their six-chair salon. You can choose any of their 7 stylists who work interchangeably throughout the week to seal the deal for all of the awesome luxurious services that encompass Liz B. Collective.

Enjoy Carlisle, PA LivinG

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