Places To Visit In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Are you thinking about moving and wonder what life is like in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? In this episode of Homemade PA, Real Estate Agent, Matt Shultz of Iron Valley Gettysburg, is giving us a tour of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! He loves this town and is excited to show you what life here is really like. We’ll explore … Continue reading Places To Visit In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Homes Under $200K in Carlisle, PA

Are you a first-time homebuyer who is looking to buy but are not sure what you can get for your money? Today, we are going to take a look at three communities in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with available homes starting at under $200,000! We are joined by local Real Estate Agent, Josh Perchinski, of the Dave … Continue reading Homes Under $200K in Carlisle, PA

Will Buying a House Save Me Money?

Did you know the average housing rent in Cumberland County is $977/month*?  And let’s face it, it’s only going to go up, because that is what rent does.  The national average for annual rent increase is 3.6% per year.  If you buy a house today and the payment is higher than what you prefer, it’s … Continue reading Will Buying a House Save Me Money?