Unlocking the Financial Potential: The Key Players at Mapfre Stadium

October 7, 2023

Mapfre Stadium, formerly known as Columbus Crew Stadium, is a renowned sports venue located in Columbus, Ohio. It is the home of the Columbus Crew, a professional soccer team that competes in the Major League Soccer (MLS). The stadium has a rich history and has hosted many exciting games and memorable moments since opening in 1999. This article explores the teams and events that have graced Mapfre Stadium over the years, highlighting the importance of this iconic venue in the world of soccer.

The Columbus Crew

The Columbus Crew is the primary tenant at Mapfre Stadium and has been the anchor tenant since the stadium’s inception. The team was founded in 1994 and joined MLS as one of the ten charter teams. The Crew has a dedicated and passionate fan base, often referred to as the “North End,” that fills the stadium with energy and enthusiasm during home games.
The Columbus Crew have enjoyed considerable success over the years, including winning the MLS Cup in 2008 and 2020. The team has also won several conference championships and has always been a formidable contender in the league. The Columbus Crew players, coaches and staff have made Mapfre Stadium their home, creating a strong bond between the team and the venue.

International Matches

In addition to hosting domestic soccer events, Mapfre Stadium has been the site of several international matches. The stadium has hosted national teams from around the world, providing an exceptional platform for players to showcase their skills on an international stage.

Some of the most notable international matches played at Mapfre Stadium include United States men’s and women’s national team matches, CONCACAF Gold Cup matches, and Olympic qualifying matches. These matches have attracted large crowds and have been instrumental in promoting soccer in the United States, further solidifying the stadium’s status as a premier soccer venue.

Concerts and other events

The Mapfre Stadium is not limited to soccer events. Over the years, it has also hosted a wide range of concerts and other entertainment events, adding to its versatility as a venue. Renowned artists from various genres such as rock, pop and country have graced the stage at Mapfre Stadium, entertaining thousands of fans.

The stadium has also served as a venue for festivals, charity events and community gatherings. Its spacious layout, excellent acoustics, and state-of-the-art facilities make it an ideal choice for hosting a variety of events beyond sports. The stadium’s adaptable design ensures a memorable experience for attendees, regardless of the type of event.

Major League Lacrosse

In addition to soccer and other events, Mapfre Stadium has been the temporary home of Major League Lacrosse (MLL) teams. The MLL is a professional lacrosse league in the United States, featuring talented players from across the country. Mapfre Stadium has provided a venue for MLL games, allowing lacrosse enthusiasts to witness exciting encounters between some of the top lacrosse teams in the nation.
By hosting MLL games, Mapfre Stadium has further diversified its sports offerings, catering to a wider audience and demonstrating its adaptability as a multi-purpose venue. The stadium’s ability to host different sports demonstrates its versatility and commitment to promoting different sporting disciplines.

Future developments and financial implications

Mapfre Stadium has played a significant role in enhancing the sports and entertainment scene in Columbus, Ohio. The venue’s success has not only had a positive impact on the local community, but has also contributed to the region’s economy and financial sector.

Hosting major sporting events, concerts, and other entertainment activities at Mapfre Stadium attracts visitors from near and far, generating revenue for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. The influx of tourists and increased economic activity stimulates job creation and investment opportunities, boosting the overall financial well-being of the area.
In addition, the success and popularity of the Columbus Crew, coupled with the multi-faceted nature of Mapfre Stadium, has attracted corporate sponsorships and partnerships. These collaborations provide additional financial support to the team, the stadium, and the broader Columbus sports industry.

In conclusion, Mapfre Stadium is best known as the home of the Columbus Crew, but its significance extends beyond soccer. The stadium has hosted international matches, concerts, and other events, demonstrating its adaptability as a multi-purpose venue. In addition, Mapfre Stadium’s impact on the local economy and financial sector underscores its importance as a catalyst for growth and development in the Columbus community.


Who plays at Mapfre Stadium?

The Columbus Crew SC, a professional soccer team, plays their home games at Mapfre Stadium.

What league does the team playing at Mapfre Stadium belong to?

The Columbus Crew SC plays in Major League Soccer (MLS), which is the top professional soccer league in the United States and Canada.

When was Mapfre Stadium built?

Mapfre Stadium, originally known as Columbus Crew Stadium, was built in 1999.

Has Mapfre Stadium hosted any major sporting events?

Yes, Mapfre Stadium has hosted several significant sporting events. It served as the venue for the 2001 MLS Cup final and the 2015 MLS Cup final, both won by the Columbus Crew SC. Additionally, it hosted matches during the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Is Mapfre Stadium used for events other than soccer?

Yes, Mapfre Stadium is a versatile venue that hosts various events besides soccer. It has been used for concerts, music festivals, and other sporting events such as rugby and lacrosse matches.