Veteran Savings: Does LazyBoy Offer a Military Discount?

June 4, 2024

Explore the LazyBoy Military Discount: A Financial Guide

When it comes to furnishing your home, comfort and quality are often at the top of the list. LazyBoy, a well-known brand in the furniture industry, is the first choice for many consumers, including members of the military community. But the question remains: does LazyBoy offer a military discount, and if so, how can you take advantage of it?

Understanding LazyBoy’s Discount Policy

LazyBoy has long been recognised for its commitment to supporting the military and veteran community. The company has a strong track record of offering various discounts and programmes to meet the unique needs and circumstances of these individuals. However, the specifics of military discounts can vary depending on the location, type of purchase and the individual’s military status.

To better understand the discounts available, it’s important to review LazyBoy’s official policies and guidelines. The company’s website and customer service representatives can provide detailed information on current military discount offerings and eligibility requirements.

Navigating the application process

Obtaining a LazyBoy military discount may require a few extra steps, but the process is usually straightforward. Customers may need to provide proof of their military or veteran status, such as a valid military ID or other documentation. In addition, some LazyBoy stores may have special procedures in place, so it’s important to check the requirements before making a purchase.

It’s worth noting that the military discount may not apply to all products or sales events. Customers should be prepared to ask about the specific items or promotions that qualify for the discount to ensure they receive the maximum savings.

Maximise your savings: Combining Discounts and Offers

For savvy military customers, the potential for additional savings doesn’t end with the LazyBoy military discount. The company often runs various sales, promotions and special offers that can be combined with the military discount to further reduce the cost of their furniture and accessories.
By keeping abreast of these additional savings, military customers can make the most of their purchases and enjoy the comfort of LazyBoy products at an even more affordable price. It’s important to actively research and enquire about any ongoing sales or promotions that may apply.

The impact of the LazyBoy military discount

The availability of the LazyBoy Military Discount is not only a financial benefit for service members and veterans, but also a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting the military community. This discount can have a significant impact on military families’ budgets, allowing them to invest in quality furniture that meets their needs and preferences.

In addition, the military discount can foster a sense of appreciation and loyalty to the LazyBoy brand within the military community. By offering this type of programme, the company demonstrates its understanding of the unique challenges and sacrifices faced by those who serve, further cementing its reputation as a customer-focused and socially responsible organisation.


Here are 5-7 questions and answers about whether Lazyboy offers a military discount:

Does Lazyboy offer a military discount?

Yes, Lazyboy does offer a military discount. Active-duty military members, veterans, and their immediate families are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all Lazyboy furniture purchases.

How do I claim the Lazyboy military discount?

To claim the Lazyboy military discount, you’ll need to provide valid military or veteran identification at the time of purchase, either in-store or online. This can include a military ID, veteran ID card, or DD-214 form. The discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Is the Lazyboy military discount available year-round?

Yes, the Lazyboy military discount is available year-round and is not limited to specific holidays or events. As long as you have valid military or veteran identification, you can receive the 10% discount on any Lazyboy purchase.

Can the Lazyboy military discount be combined with other offers?

The Lazyboy military discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers. You can only use the 10% military discount or take advantage of any current sales or specials, but not both on the same purchase.

Does the Lazyboy military discount apply to online orders?

Yes, the Lazyboy military discount is available for both in-store and online purchases. You can claim the 10% discount by providing your military or veteran identification at checkout, either in person or through the online ordering process.